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Thanks for clicking on the News & Insights portion of the site.  This section focuses on marketplace updates, emerging coverage issues, safety tips, and risk management topics of particular importance to our clients.

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Recent Posts:

  • Summer Precautions for Protecting Art.  A short guide on steps you can take to protect your precious works of art during the summer season.  Click here for more.
  • Act 153 Update.  Important legislative update in Pennsylvania for organization's working with youth.  Click here for more.
  • Summer Camp Considerations.  What type of risk is your institution facing due to hosting a summer camp with a 3rd party?  Are you effectively transferring the risk?  This article addresses these questions - click here for more.
  • Additional Insured Considerations.  This post focuses on the importance of getting the correct AI forms in the midst of a construction project.  Click here for more.  
  • Why Prompt Claim Reporting Matters.  This discusses Workers Compensation issues surrounding the property reporting of claims in a timely manner.  Click here for more.
  • New PA Law Requires Criminal Background Checks.  Act 153 of 2014 places new requirements on organizations who work in direct contact with children and youth.  This article discusses the potential impact on how your organization screens employees and volunteers.  Click here to read more.
  • TRIA Reauthorized.  The House, Senate, and President Obama all authorized the new TRIA bill - we expect most carriers to move forward with new law in similar fashion to the prior bill .  Click here to read more.
  • Insuring Historic Buildings.  Recent case study addressing how to properly insure a historically significant property. Click here to read more.
  • Assessing Nonprofit D&O Risks.  Post on understanding the risks that D&Os face as part of a nonprofit board.  Click here to read more. 
  • Carrier Spotlight: Markel - Insurer for the Arts.  Brief carrier spotlight on how one of our carrier partners is supporting the arts.  Click here to read more.
  • Property Safety: Minimizing Slips & Falls.  A brief post on how to safeguard against hazards that can lead to slips & falls.  Click here to read more.
  • Minimizing Thunderstorm Damage.  A few points for consideration for how you can prevent significant damage from a thunderstorm.  Click here to read more.
  • ACA & The Rise of Student Accident Policies.  An article that discusses how the changes to the ACA has made Mandatory Student Accident Policies more attractive to colleges & universities.  Click here to read more.

  • August 2013: What is Enterprise Risk Management? Your organization is increasingly facing complex sets of risk. As a result, employees, board members, and the people you serve have increased scrutiny of your policies addressing risk management. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a tool that can help you identify uncertainties and respond accordingly. Click here to learn more.