Our Process


Carrier Selection & Marketing Strategy

Do you ever wonder what effect competition could have on your bottom line? What if there are other insurance companies that are a better fit for you?

Finding the right carrier partner is perhaps the most important aspect of a well designed program. A good partner understands you and your exposures and charges a reasonable price.

Our carrier selection process grades each carrier based on rates, coverage, appetite, claims handling, loss control, financial ratings, and other factors. Since carriers and the marketplace are always changing we revisit these grades on a quarterly basis. The outcome is our clients are placed with the optimal carrier partners.

Here is what the process entails:

  • Utilize carrier selection process to link you to optimal carrier partner
  • Create clear, concise and compelling representation of your account
  • Determine target premiums based on Benchmarking statistics, never on prior premiums
  • Establish expected timeline for carrier quotations